First Thing's First.

Hi! I’m Stephanie Smith, a reader, writer, and editor generally addicted to print & pixels. I live in the “Mitten” of Michigan with my husband, Zach, and work as an acquisitions editor for Zondervan Books. Previously, I served as an editor atRELEVANT magazine, the Barna Group, and before all this I started out on the other side of the printer as a literary publicist. I am currently pursuing my masters in theology at Western Theological Seminary. 

My day to day includes author calls, manuscript editing, titling and cover design meetings, acquisitions reading and research, and pitching new ideas to pub board. My evenings include giving my brain a break by trading in my keyboard for a cutting board, because the best way I know how to make sense of this mad, beautiful world—that is, besides writing—is chopping shallots. Both, I think, are sacrament. 

I am a fierce believer in the Incarnation and the embodied faith it offers. I try to keep the feast and tell it slant. I am an avid practitioner of lipstick, liturgy, and em dashes. 

And I’m so glad you’re here!