In Case you were wondering...

Q: Is SLANT LETTER affiliated with Zondervan? 

A: Nope—this is my passion project I do for fun, and I do for you. From one word-wrangler to another. 

Q: Will SLANT LETTER help me get published? 

A: There are so many fabulous resources out there to help you in your publishing journey! So instead of adding to the wealth of information on how to develop a book proposal, get an agent, and build your platform, I am choosing to focus on the writing craft itself. I’m convinced doing the work here becomes the engine that drives all else. 

Q: Can I send you my book proposal? 

A: For both reasons above, I do not accept book pitches or proposals through this channel. 

Q: Do you take requests for what to cover in future issues? Because I have a question that has come up in my own writing process. 

A: Yes! I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line right here.